Welcome to Laughton Self - Store

Laughton Self Store is a Containerised Self storage facility in Laughton, East Sussex. We are located between Lewes, Uckfield, Heathfield and Hailsham. We are Approximately 20 minutes from the coastal towns of Brighton and Eastbourne.

We now have 3 sizes of storage containers - 8ft long (2.4m), 10ft long (3.05m) & 20ft long (6.1m). Both the 10ft and 20ft containers are 8ft (2.4m) wide & 8ft (2.4m) high. The 8ft container is 7ft high 7ft wide

The approximate storage areas are :

8ft Container = Surface area 56 square feet(5.14 sq/m)
Approx 392 cubic feet/ 10.9 cubic metres

10 ft Container = Surface area 80 square feet (7.32 sq/m)
Approx 640 cubic feet / 17.5 cubic metres

20 ft Container = Surface area 160 sq/ft (14.64 sq/m)
Approx 1280 cubic feet / 35 cubic metres

We have containers sited both outside on a concrete hardstanding and under cover.

The under cover containers are located inside a locked building which has access large enough for a 7.5 tonne lorry, enabling you to unload and sort through your belongings when its raining or dark.

As these containers are stored inside they do not suffer from the temperature fluctuations of the outside containers, this gives them a much more stable and drier atmosphere than the outside containers.

The outside containers are weather & water tight and - although 100% dry, they do get hot in the summer so may not be entirely suitable for top end furniture.

Our Prices Spring/Summer 2019

Outside Containers
8ft outside £75 pcm
Approx. 56 sq/ft (5.14 sq/m) or 392 cubic feet (10.9 cubic metres)
10ft outside £80 pcm
Approx. 80 sq/ft (7.32 sq/m) or 640 cubic feet (17.5 cubic metres)
20ft outside £110 pcm
Approx. 160 sq/ft (14.64 sq/m) or 1280 cubic feet (35 cubic metres)

Inside Containers (Container sizes same as above)
8ft inside £95 pcm
10ft inside £100 pcm
20ft inside £160 pcm

Prices are per calendar month paid in advance.

Looking for shipping container storage?

Moving house? We can provide you with the storage.

Need somewhere to store your classic car?

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